Avoid Shortcomings of IT-Centric Remote Access

See why Xage outperforms IT-centric solutions for secure remote access to OT and OT-IT environments

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Shortcomings of IT-centric Remote Access Solutions

Until recently, addressing remote access demands often led to an overreliance on IT-centric solutions. Many industrial organizations end up with a patchwork of point solutions to compensate for a lack of native OT support. 

Traditional VPNs

Widely deployed but provide all-or-nothing access when relied on for remote connectivity to critical infrastructure environments.

Firewalls and ACLs

Cumbersome and complex to manage, increasing the risk of ransomware, spoofing, and other cyberattacks.

Jump Servers and PAM

Complicated, costly necessity to address a lack of granular policy enforcement or native device security controls.

IT-centric ZTNA

Lack capabilities to maintain defense-in-depth across OT security layers.

The result: a poor remote access experience that impacts productivity and risks operational safety.  A fragmented approach not only jeopardizes productivity gains but also creates the ideal conditions for cyberattackers and failed regulatory compliance.

Operational leaders can no longer afford to settle for all-or-nothing, reactive, or disjointed remote access.

Modernize Secure Remote Access with Xage

Xage Fabric
Jump Server
Identity-based, Least Privilege Access
Asset-level Access Control
Identity-Aware Access Logging
Secure Data Transfer
Multi-Hop Session Termination
Multi-Factor Authentication
End-to-End Encryption
Session Recording
Credential Management and Rotation
Real-time Session Collaboration
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Experience the Xage Difference

The benefits of remote connectivity for operators, vendors, and supply chain partners are significant. However, not all approaches are the same. 

A Complete secure remote access strategy must reduce complexity and accelerates cyber-hardening while eliminating the need to rip and replace.

Unlike other remote access solutions, Xage’s Zero Trust Remote Access solution bolsters defense-in-depth and supports Purdue Model best practices with secure traversal of zones.

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