Zero Trust Cybersecurity for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

Cyber harden critical assets and systems from manufacturing to supply chain to deployment to protect the nation’s warfighters and achieve mission assurance.


U.S. Space Force Selects Xage to Achieve Zero Trust Roadmap

The U.S. Space Force is responsible for securing our nation’s interests in space. USSF has deployed Xage to protect and defend critical assets in space and on the ground. 

Priorities of the mission include:

  • Cyber hardening current USSF terrestrial-based systems, including ground stations, modems, and operational technology assets, using zero trust principles
  • Zero trust capabilities for the USSF across next-generation ground and space systems, including commercial and defense interactions in hybrid satellite architectures
  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of mission critical data transmitted across hybrid space architectures with Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange for USSF Enterprise
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Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity Challenges

Organizations providing software or hardware to the U.S. military are subject to rigorous requirements to ensure the security of their products.  

They must:

  • Deliver secure, cyber-hardened software and hardware for use by U.S. defense agencies
  • Comply with evolving standards such as the Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program, CISA Cross-sector Performance Goals for critical infrastructure, NIST, and more
  • Secure increased collaborative efforts across defense and commercial entities

Protecting and Defending Production of Physical and Virtual Assets

Every interaction from production to deployment of critical assets for U.S. defense missions must be defended.

Facilities and systems that support the manufacturing of software or hardware for use by U.S. defense must be cyber hardened.

Mission critical classified information and data that resides on or transits DIB information systems must be safeguarded.


“With cyberattacks against federal agencies on the rise and government-issued cyber guidance increasing in tandem, zero trust must be a priority for every government system. Together, Xage and SAIC can reach an expanded roster of public sector entities looking to cyber harden their complex and distributed operational technology and IT environments with the most effective zero trust solutions.”

Heath StarrVice President, Growth Enablement and Business Transformation

Ripple Effects of the DoD’s Zero Trust Roadmap

The DoD’s commitment to zero trust is having ripple effects throughout the Defense Industrial Base. Using identity-based controls and least privilege policies to prevent cyberattacks, insider threats, and honest mistakes has become a top priority. The ongoing development of CMMC 2.0 will only increase the priority of these zero trust projects.

The Defense Industrial Base can’t afford a weak cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Harden Distributed Environments Without Compromise

You can protect your operations from escalating cyberattacks and reduce regulatory burdens without impacting digitalization. It starts by modernizing secure access to vital operational technology assets using an approach grounded in zero trust principles.

Achieve Zero Trust Access with Xage

Xage accelerates the adoption of zero trust identity and access management and privileged remote access for the diverse, complex, and distributed environments of the Defense Industrial Base.

The Xage Fabric is purpose-built to deliver unified security across IT, OT, Cloud, and enterprise edge. Its identity-centric approach reduces the complexity of real-time, multi-party secure access to distributed assets. With Xage, your security teams can enact granular, just-in-time access controlled down to the asset level. 

The unique mesh architecture extends the valuable lifecycle of existing technology, securing critical assets while removing any need to rip and replace your current investments or jeopardize productivity to protect your OT, IT, and cloud infrastructure.

Achieve Zero Trust Access with Xage

Zero Trust Cyber Hardening for Defense Industrial Base

Xage delivers proactive protection to address your cybersecurity initiatives and deliver zero trust capabilities across the entire defense industrial base.

Key Cybersecurity Initiatives

Control Access to Critical Systems

Enable secure and efficient remote access for third-party partners to maintain distributed operations. Xage Zero Trust Remote Access simplifies and secures access to and through OT-IT DMZ.

Cyber Harden Manufacturing Assets

Simplify strengthening the cyber-physical security posture of your distributed resources. Xage eliminates the complexity of implementing credential management and password rotation for devices and applications.

Protect The Enterprise Edge

Eliminate insecure access software, internet-facing gateways, and vulnerable enterprise solutions. Xage prevents attackers from moving laterally, even if vulnerabilities in other remote access or firewall solutions are revealed.

Keep Up With CMMC, NIST, and More

Speed up compliance with industry standards, risk management frameworks, and cybersecurity mandates including the CMMC 2.0, NIST CSF, DoD Zero Trust Roadmap, and CISA Cross-sector Performance Goals.

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