Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Manufacturers

Secure manufacturing assets against cyberattacks while streamlining user experience with identity-based access control.

Global Steel Manufacturer Selects Xage over TeamViewer

Learn why one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers turned to Xage to replace TeamViewer for remote access into their OT environments across dozens of plants.

  • Xage Advantages over TeamViewer
  • Enabled secure remote access across sites with SSO and MFA
  • Cyber-hardened operations to mitigate financial losses from cyberattacks
  • Lowered cybersecurity insurance premiums
  • Improved remote user productivity by eliminating access complexity

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

Manufacturing has become one of the critical infrastructure industries most targeted by cyberattacks. These attacks often lead to costly downtime, financial losses and ransom payments, and lost intellectual property. In the midst of this onslaught, manufacturing operations and security teams are challenged with:

  • Securing a mix of legacy and modern technology across distributed sites
  • Enabling remote access without exposing critical systems to undue risk
  • Avoiding downtime while maintaining productivity and ensuring worker safety

Modernizing Manufacturing Operations while Staying Secure

Connected operational assets must be protected from escalating cyberattacks specifically targeting manufacturers.

Manufacturers must eliminate risk to avoid astronomical cyber insurance premiums, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Modernization and digitalization must be adopted to meet production demands and maintain and optimize systems without costly downtime.

Maintaining Production While Preventing Attacks

Manufacturers often rely on IT-centric tools to provide secure local and remote access for operators and field service personnel. However, IT-centric tools cannot natively secure Industrial Control Systems (ICS), nor securely enable remote access across distributed sites to assure continuous, efficient operations.

Manufacturers must maintain business continuity, avoid costly downtime, and protect assets against escalating cyberattacks.

Secure Your Assets and Streamline Operations

You can protect manufacturing operations from escalating cyberattacks and streamline employee workflows. It starts by modernizing secure access to operational technology assets using an approach grounded in zero trust principles to shrink the attack surface vulnerable to increasingly bold threat actors.

Xage accelerates the adoption of zero trust identity-based access management and data security for manufacturers. Whether you are pursuing Industry 4.0 initiatives or broader digital transformation approaches, zero trust cybersecurity can enable the speed and confidence manufacturers need to pursue rapid modernization in a highly competitive industry.

The Xage Fabric is purpose-built for operational technology, and is relied on by major manufacturers. With Xage, your security teams can enact granular, just-in-time access control down to the asset level and protect sensitive data while enabling single-sign-on, multifactor authentication, and secure remote access.

The unique mesh architecture eliminates the need to rip and replace your current investments or jeopardize productivity to protect your OT, IIoT, IT, and cloud infrastructure.


Zero Trust Cyber Hardening to Protect Manufacturers

Xage delivers a single platform to proactively address your cybersecurity initiatives while enabling secure remote access, identity-based access management, and zero trust data exchange, all with a streamlined user experience.

Key Cybersecurity Initiatives

Cyber Harden OT, IT, and Cloud

Simplify strengthening the cyber-physical security posture of your distributed assets and infrastructure resources. Xage eliminates the complexity of implementing credential management, password rotation, and other compensating and commensurate controls.

Maintain Production Continuity

Pausing production to deal with a cyberattack is too costly for manufacturers. Xage blocks attacks entirely, minimizing their blast radius so that production continues undisrupted.

Achieve Complete Visibility

Streamline asset inventorying and access activity monitoring while actively blocking cyberattacks such as ransomware. Xage protects every asset and logs every interaction, delivering identity-based access control and data security without needing agents or additional software.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Enable secure remote access to maintain equipment and optimize processes while maintaining operational continuity. Xage Zero Trust Remote Access simplifies and secures access to and through OT-IT DMZ for maintenance operations. Xage multi-party session viewing enables secure collaboration among local and remote technicians, vendors, and suppliers.

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