Customer Case Studies

Learn how Xage customers secure critical assets, and achieve true zero trust with no down time or rip-and-replace.

Xage is Trusted by the World's Leading Infrastructure Operators


United States Space Force (USSF) Selects Xage to Achieve Zero Trust Roadmap

The U.S. Space Force is responsible for securing our nation’s interests in, from, and to space. USSF is deploying Xage to protect and defend critical assets in space and on the ground. Priorities of the mission include:

  • Cyber hardening current USSF terrestrial-based systems, including ground stations, modems, and operational technology assets, using zero trust principles
  • Zero Trust Capabilities for the USSF across next generation ground and space systems, including commercial and defense interactions in Hybrid Satellite Architectures
  • Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange for USSF Enterprise
Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan Cyber Hardens OT and IT Critical Infrastructure with Xage

One of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America protects against escalating cyber attacks and improves employee productivity with Xage.

  • Improved security posture and reduced risks from cyberattacks
  • Increased personnel productivity through a consistent approach to access management across multi-vendor OT systems
  • Delivered cyber hardening without disruption to operations

PETRONAS Secures Digital Transformation at Scale With Zero Trust Access Management from Xage

One of the largest energy companies in the world, with nearly 50,000 employees, and presence in over 100 countries. Petronas selected Xage to modernize their remote access and collaboration with Zero Trust for operations. With Xage, PETRONAS achieved:

  • Granular privileged access management and monitoring
  • Multi-user remote session collaboration.
  • Undisruptive deployment due to Xage’s clientless, agentless deployment model
  • And much more.

Petrobras Reduces Cybersecurity Risks with Zero Trust Remote Access

Petrobras is one of the largest energy companies in the world, with over $105B in revenue and nearly 40,000 employees. Controlled by the Brazilian Federal Government, Petrobras selected Xage in a competitive bid seeking a zero trust remote access solution that would reduce their cyber risk across their vast and diverse environment. With Xage, Petrobras achieved:

  • Centralized management and policy-based enforcement across people, devices, data, and apps
  • Ability to manage previously unmanaged legacy devices
  • Increased confidence that access is authorized and secure
  • Automated policy updates and credential rotation without impacting performance
  • And much more

Top 10 Energy Producer

A top-10 global energy producer deploys Xage Zero Trust Remote Access to cyber-harden critical OT assets without suffering down time.
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Top Manufacturer

One of the world’s largest steel manufacturers achieves greater productivity, reduced cyber insurance costs, and true Zero Trust Remote Access to OT.
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Major Regional Utility

A power utility with over 7 million customers achieved NERC-CIP compliance and grid-wide policy enforcement from a single dashboard.
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“We rely on experts like Xage Security to protect and secure our critical infrastructure. Xage provided us with an innovative approach to cyber harden OT and IT infrastructure as well as help us meet regulatory requirements.”

Mark HuseChief Information Officer at Kinder Morgan