Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Electric Utilities

Cyber harden critical infrastructure to protect essential public services with identity-based access management and data security from Xage Security.

Xage is Trusted By Leading Energy Sector Operators and Partners

Major U.S. Electric Utility Selects Xage to Meet NERC CIP Regulations.

Electric Utility Challenges

As providers of essential public services, it’s no surprise that electric utilities are high-value targets for cyber threats and nation-state actors. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of critical infrastructure cyberattacks is only one of many challenges electric utility operators must address without fail.

  • Delivering service reliability and grid resiliency
  • Modernizing infrastructure to meet increasing demand
  • Maintaining growing numbers of complex assets
  • Mounting regulatory scrutiny and mandates

Electric utilities increasingly invest in digitalization to meet challenges. The benefits of digital transformation and grid modernization are substantial. However, these efforts can leave widely-distributed operational assets vulnerable to cyberattacks.

From Power Generation to Transmission to Distribution

Operational assets and control systems must be protected from service-disrupting cyberattacks.

Critical infrastructure must comply with regulatory mandates to avoid penalties.

Grid modernization must be adopted to reduce maintenance overhead and keep pace with new demands.

Ensuring Grid Resiliency Requires Rethinking Cybersecurity

Electric utility companies often rely on IT-centric and network perimeter-based controls to provide secure access for maintenance operators and field service personnel. However, IT-centric tools cannot natively secure Industrial Control Systems (ICS) nor protect the increasing volumes of machine-to-machine (M2M) data communications. The lack of native support exposes exploitable security gaps across the distributed, cyber-physical assets and energy management systems (EMS) utilities depend on to meet customer demands for reliable electric power. These gaps create ideal circumstances for cyberattackers, service outages, and failed regulatory compliance.

No electric utility can afford a weak cybersecurity posture.

Modernize without Compromise

You can protect critical infrastructure from escalating cyberattacks, strengthen grid resiliency, and meet your regulatory burdens without impacting digitalization efforts. It starts by modernizing access control to distributed operational technology using an asset-centric approach grounded in zero trust principles.

Achieve Zero Trust Access with Xage

Xage accelerates adopting zero trust identity-based access management and data security for electric utilities.

The Xage Fabric is purpose-built for operational technology. Its asset-centric approach reduces the complexity of protecting every digital interaction across power generation, transmission, distribution, and metering systems. With Xage, your security teams can enact granular, just-in-time access controlled down to the asset level to reduce vulnerable attack surface area and protect sensitive data.

The unique mesh architecture eliminates the need to rip and replace your current investments or jeopardize productivity to manage access to your OT, IIoT, IT, and cloud infrastructure.


Zero Trust Cyber Hardening to Protect Essential Services

Xage delivers a single platform to proactively address your cybersecurity initiatives. Xage Fabric strengthens your cyber-physical security posture so you don’t just detect attacks, you stop them.

Key Cybersecurity Initiatives

Cyber Harden Critical Infrastructure

Simplify strengthening the cyber-physical security posture of your distributed assets and infrastructure resources. Xage eliminates the complexity of controlling access to critical assets, including implementing credential management, password rotation, and multifactor authentication (MFA) down to individual assets.

Meet Regulatory Mandates

Speed up compliance with industry standards, and adopt risk management frameworks to meet cybersecurity mandates, such as NERC CIP, NIST 800, and CISA Cross-sector Performance Goals (CPG). Xage’s unique mesh architecture makes it easy to layer on cybersecurity controls without having to rip and replace existing investments.

Gain Complete Visibility

Streamline asset inventorying and access activity monitoring to gain visibility to detect and respond to threats. Xage continuously discovers and categorizes modern and legacy assets, as well as unlocks identity-based logging to speed up incident response without the need for agents or additional software.

Unleash the Full Potential of Data

Tap into and share with confidence the volumes of data generated across modernized electric grids. Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange protects data exchanges between interconnected assets, including machine-to-machine communications, without risking loss of control or data breaches.

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