Technology Integrations

Continuously stop threats, control access, discover and protect assets, and detect anomalous behavior across your entire environment.

The Mission

The Xage Fabric Platform delivers zero trust remote access and asset protection across your entire environment. We partner with leading organizations across the OT, IT, and cloud cybersecurity ecosystem to deliver complete, frictionless protection that’s quick to deploy, simple to manage, and provides comprehensive coverage in the most challenging and distributed environments.

How Xage Transforms Your Cybersecurity

Prevent Attacks

Secure your entire environment against evolving cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and operational technology. Control user-to-machine, machine-to-machine, and every transmission of data within and outside of your organization.

Simplify Security

Streamline security policy creation and management for identity-based access control and privilege enforcement. Use a single browser based management console to secure legacy and modern cyber-physical systems across operational technology, IIoT, IT, and Cloud.

Accelerate Modernization

Achieve unified zero trust security across IT, OT, and Cloud. Protect cyber-physical systems old and new with zero downtime and without rip-and replace. Manage policies centrally and enforce them anywhere, even if external connectivity goes down at a remote site.

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The Xage Fabric delivers complete control over who has access to your most critical assets, what they can do, when, and for how long. The Fabric is highly available and resilient, so policy enforcement continues locally even if one site loses network connectivity to the others. Xage offers greater capabilities than traditional IAM/ICAM and PAM solutions, while remaining simpler to deploy, manage, and use.

Detect and Block Anomalous Behavior

This partnership combine’s Xage’s visibility and access control deep inside operational environments with Darktrace’s Anomaly Detection to enable detection and prevention of threats, even those using legitimate credentials.

  • Log every access event and interaction, even with unmanaged OT devices deep inside remote operational sites.
  • Analyze user access behavior for suspicious or malicious actions.
  • Automatically restrict access between users and machines when anomalous behavior is detected.

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Discover and Protect Every Asset

This joint solution combines Nozomi’s advanced asset discovery with Xage’s robust security solutions, introducing a one-click asset inventory import feature that aligns with the MITRE ICS and NIST CSF guidelines.

  • Discover every asset, managed or unmanaged, across your OT network.
  • Rapidly enable Xage Zero Trust Access Control and Asset Protection across your entire environment to protect unmanaged devices.
  • Combine granular access controls with rich asset details.
Discover Every Device and Detect Threats for Complete Security Coverage

Xage and Armis partner to provide complete visibility and attack prevention in the most challenging environments.

  • Armis delivers asset discovery and inventory so you can know what you have—and protect it.
  • Xage brings identity and access management for every device, even legacy assets, PLCs, and more.
  • Xage brings MFA and SSO to every asset to ensure secure access anywhere.
Streamline Integration Among Critical Security and Operations Tools

Xage and Tines together make it simple to exchange access logs and trigger enforcement based on analysis across the full cybersecurity stack.

  • Send and receive logs between Xage and SIEM solutions
  • Trigger user suspensions via Xage access control based on threats detected by other solutions
  • Simply integrate with the rest of your security tools to streamline attack prevention, detection, investigation, and response

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