TSA Directive Compliance Services

Accelerate compliance with TSA cybersecurity mandates for oil and gas pipeline operators.

The Proven Path to Expedited TSA Compliance

Xage’s Cybersecurity Services team and global partners provide the expertise to create submission-ready TSA implementation, assessment and incident response plans to expedite compliance.  Xage-based plans have already been approved by the TSA, establishing the track record and methodology for approval success. 

Maintaining compliance with continuously updated, increasingly rigorous security directives from the TSA, most recently updated in July, 2023, depends on having the right, experienced practitioners at your side.

Leading Industrial Cybersecurity Expertise

Our team helps pipeline operators accelerate the cyber-hardening of critical infrastructure and expedite compliance ahead of federal deadlines. 

Built on industry-accepted risk management frameworks, combined with Xage’s unique expertise in preventative cyber security implementation, our TSA Directive Compliance Services deliver a full lifecycle of consulting capabilities to accelerate TSA Directive compliance and implement proactive cybersecurity measures based on defense-in-depth principles.

Xage Services and our global delivery partners, address all vital aspects of the TSA Pipeline Security Directive.

TSA Pipeline Security Directive Requirements

Establish and implement a TSA-approved Cybersecurity Implementation Plan that outlines specific cybersecurity measures

Xage Services Offering with Global Delivery Partners
  • Assessment of existing cybersecurity controls readiness to meet SD02D requirements
  • Creation of an Implementation Plan ready for TSA approval

Develop and maintain a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan to reduce the risk of operational disruption

Xage Services Offering with Global Delivery Partners
  • Development of Cybersecurity Incident Plan based on operational risk profile
  • Measurement of incident response plan effectiveness across people, processes, and technology

Establish a Cybersecurity Assessment Program with an annual plan with details on the assessed effectiveness of the cybersecurity measures defined in the Implementation Plan

Xage Services Offering with Global Delivery Partners
  • Development and management of operator-specific assessment program
  • Reviews of cybersecurity measures implemented to cyber-harden Critical Cyber Systems

Start Your Journey to TSA Compliance Today

Xage Services makes it easy for you to tap into deep industrial cybersecurity expertise for immediate results, regardless of the current state of your cyber defenses. 

Our dedicated team of industrial cybersecurity experts brings over 200 years of experience with risk management and regulatory compliance frameworks. This unmatched experience lets Xage Services deliver pragmatic solutions to achieve TSA Pipeline Security Directive compliance with minimal disruption.

Our unique approach has helped some of the largest oil and gas pipeline operators win TSA approval for implementation plans covering thousands of sites. 

Get started today on your fast path to TSA Security Directive compliance.

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