Cybersecurity in Space: Enabling Commercial and Defense Collaboration

Cyber harden space assets and systems, whether in space or on the ground, with identity-first protection from Xage Security.


U.S. Space Force Selects Xage to Achieve Zero Trust Roadmap

The U.S. Space Force is responsible for securing our nation’s interests in space. USSF has deployed Xage to protect and defend critical assets in space and on the ground. 

Priorities of the mission include:

  • Cyber hardening current USSF terrestrial-based systems, including ground stations, modems, and operational technology assets using zero trust principles
  • Zero trust capabilities for the USSF across next-generation ground and space systems, including commercial and defense interactions in hybrid satellite architectures
  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of mission critical data transmitted across hybrid space architectures with Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange for USSF Enterprise

Space Cybersecurity Challenges

Space-based infrastructures play an increasing role in life and business but are currently extremely vulnerable. The space industry is rapidly transforming, creating high stakes challenges with the safety of all depending on secure collaboration between defense and commercial entities.

  • Implementing zero trust is a key priority across government and private industry but is uniquely challenging in the context of space.
  • Ground and space convergence for operations requires new access and least privilege  controls, complicating traditional cybersecurity approaches and increasing an organization’s attack surface.
  • Proliferation of on-orbit, interconnected systems and legacy and modern assets across space systems requires distributed enforcement of cyber services to include data protection.
  • Cybersecurity solutions must work effectively across disparate organizations in both the defense and commercial sector.

“Xage technology capabilities supports secure interactions between defense and commercial ground and space assets while protecting sensitive information.

– Colonel Craig Frank, United States Space Force Space Systems Command


Staying Secure During Rapid Transformation

Every interaction from the tactical and operational edge to strategic cloud must be secured and trusted.

Satellites for everything from telecommunications to controlling critical energy infrastructure must be defended.

Mission-critical ground and space assets controlled by both government and private entities must be cyber hardened.

Rapid Change Requires Rethinking Cybersecurity

Many of the available options for distributed access from anywhere weren’t designed for the mix of OT and IT common to space operations. IT-centric tools can’t natively secure control-specific systems, leading to security gaps. These gaps, magnified across interconnected OT, IT, and cloud environments and organizations, create ideal circumstances for cyberattackers.

The space industry can’t afford a weak cybersecurity posture.

Modernize without Compromise

You can protect your operations from escalating cyberattacks without limiting commercial augmentation or preventing innovation. It starts by modernizing secure access to vital operational technology assets using an approach grounded in zero trust principles.

Achieve Zero Trust Access Control & Asset Protection with Xage

Xage accelerates the adoption of zero trust identity-based access management for the diverse, complex, and distributed environments required when you’ve got sophisticated IT infrastructure, operational devices, payloads, and assets—terrestrial and on-orbit. By controlling all access and data movement, Xage prevents ransomware and other malware from moving laterally, and prevents sophisticated attackers from leveraging living-off-the-land techniques to persist and expand inside a compromised environment.

The Xage Fabric is purpose-built for operational technology and securing the OT-IT-cloud interconnected environments commonplace in the space industry. Its identity-centric approach reduces the complexity of real-time, multi-party secure access to distributed assets. With Xage, your security teams can enact granular, just-in-time access controlled down to the asset level in a single, simple platform. 

The unique mesh architecture removes any need to rip and replace your current investments or jeopardize productivity to protect your OT, IT, and cloud infrastructure. In addition, the mesh architecture provides built-in resiliency and high availability, with no single point of failure.

Space Access

Zero Trust Cyber Hardening for Terrestrial and Space Assets

Xage delivers proactive protection to meet evolving cybersecurity demands and assure mission dominance on the ground and in orbit. The Xage Fabric strengthens your operational cybersecurity posture to safeguard critical assets anywhere they might be.

Xage Drives Key Cybersecurity Initiatives

Secure Multi-Party Remote Access

Enable secure and efficient remote access for partners across distributed systems to maintain secure, distributed operations. Xage Zero Trust Remote Access simplifies and secures access from the strategic core to the tactical edge. Xage provides single-sign on, least privilege access, MFA to any asset, and secure file sharing eliminating ransomware attacks.

Cyber Harden Distributed Infrastructure

Strengthen the cyber-physical security posture of your distributed resources in a way that’s simple and easy to roll out. Xage enables credential management and password rotation for any devices or applications without requiring agents, clients, or software updates. Xage’s universal device protection and identity-based segmentation ensures every interaction (human to machine or M2M) is authorized and targeted malware is blocked.

Meet DoD Zero Trust Objectives

Xage directly supports many of the DoD Zero Trust Capability pillars by providing visibility and security into users, devices, applications & workloads, data, network & environments, and more.

Protect Classified and Unclassified Data Across Space Architectures

Securely and rapidly capture and transmit data to and from satellites and other distributed assets across hybrid space architectures. Maintain access control and integrity of your data across third party networks.

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