Xage Products

Xage blocks cyberattacks with zero trust asset protection via our range of products, including Zero Trust Access, Zero Trust Remote Access, and Zero Trust Data Exchange.

How Xage Products Transform Your Critical Operations

Prevent Attacks

Secure your entire environment against evolving cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and operational technology. Control user-to-machine, machine-to-machine, and every transmission of data within and outside of your organization.

Simplify Security

Streamline security policy creation and management for identity-based access control and privilege enforcement. Use a single browser based management console to secure legacy and modern cyber-physical systems across operational technology, IIoT, IT, and Cloud.

Accelerate Modernization

Achieve unified zero trust security across IT, OT, and Cloud. Protect cyber-physical systems old and new with zero downtime and without rip-and replace. Manage policies centrally and enforce them anywhere, even if external connectivity goes down at a remote site.

Zero Trust Access

Gain complete control over who can see and access every asset, what they can do, and when.

  • Granular access control
  • User-to-machine and machine-to-machine access control to prevent lateral movement
  • Multi-factor authentication and SSO for every application, device, and piece of data
  • No agents, clients, or changes to your network required

Zero Trust Remote Access

Provide secure remote access to employees and third parties to protect every asset.

  • Safely traverses multiple network security layers
  • Least Privilege principles, and spoofing prevention
  • Agentless access, and multi-user collaboration
  • Continuous real-time audit and instant access revocation

Zero Trust Data Exchange

Zero trust data exchange enables secure sharing of data while preventing malicious tampering and costly mistakes that result in loss of revenue or strategically important mission data.

  • Securely access and share data from siloed, isolated networks
  • Granular control over every interaction with data
  • Simplified secure access experience for all personnel

Xage Fabric Platform

The Xage Fabric Platform underpins all Xage Security products and use cases, protecting every interaction, application, and asset across private and public cloud, datacenter, and remote sites.

  • Cyber-harden modern and legacy assets
  • Achieve asset protection with defense in depth.
  • Highly available and resilient, no single point to hack