Empower Your Clients to Transform Industrial Cybersecurity

Join our partner program to leverage our zero trust solutions and services to help your clients accelerate and simplify the way organizations secure, manage and transform digital operations across OT, IT, and cloud. Xage Fabric platform can be easily integrated with your clients’ existing industrial systems and incorporated into cybersecurity programs as part of your offerings. 

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Program Overview and Benefits

Working with partners is an integral part of Xage’s growth strategy–we understand that we succeed together with our partners. So we’ve developed a program designed to complement and augment our partners’ capabilities.

Xage Security Partner Program Features:

  • Project protection
  • Technical and sales enablement training
  • Attractive discounts on Xage products
  • Joint client engagement and deal support 
  • Technical and pre-sales support
  • Early access to new product features

Create new sources of revenue for your company, and provide holistic industrial cybersecurity solutions to your clients, by expanding your security portfolio–join the Xage Security Partner Program.

Joe Nestor
VP of Global Business Development & Strategic Alliances

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Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Xage Security Fabric is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online market for cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. Xage’s core Fabric and management components can be configured in Azure with just a couple of clicks.

Azure Marketplace
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Xage is the first and only zero trust real-world security company. Xage’s solutions and services accelerate and simplify the way enterprises secure, manage and transform digital operations across OT, IT, and cloud. Xage products include identity and access management, remote access, and dynamic data security, all powered by the Xage Fabric. Xage also offers Cybersecurity Services, which deliver expert design, implementation, and support services to accelerate the adoption of proactive cyber-defense and underpin secure digital transformation.

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