Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas

Defend operational assets, keep workers safe, and accelerate digital transformation with identity-based access management and data security from Xage Security.

Xage is Trusted by Leading Oil & Gas Organizations

“We rely on experts like Xage Security to protect and secure our critical infrastructure. Xage provided us with an innovative approach to cyber harden OT and IT infrastructure as well as help us meet regulatory requirements.”

Mark HuseChief Information Officer at Kinder Morgan

Oil and Gas Industry Challenges

Oil and gas companies face no shortage of challenges. Keeping production flowing depends on addressing challenges across all segments–upstream, midstream, and downstream.

  • Fluctuations in energy prices
  • Rising exploration and transportation costs
  • Health and safety of workers
  • Environmental protection

Energy producers are constantly on the defensive, which impacts the pace of digitalization initiatives, business model innovations, and energy transition.

From the Oil Fields to the Gas Pump

Critical assets must be defended from costly ransomware and cyberattacks

Cyber hardening measures must comply with mandates to avoid interruptions and fines.

Operational resiliency must be maintained to protect productivity, people, and profits.

Evolving Demands Require Rethinking Cybersecurity

Oil and gas companies often rely on IT-centric tools for secure access to the Operational Technology (OT) assets at the center of energy production. However, IT-centric tools lack capabilities to secure Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and interconnected OT, IT, and Cloud environments, leading to gaps. These gaps create ideal conditions for cyberattackers and failed regulatory compliance.

With productivity and safety at risk, no oil and gas company can afford to weaken its cyber-physical security posture.

Modernize without Compromise

You can protect your operations from escalating cyberattacks and reduce regulatory burdens without slowing production. It starts by modernizing secure access to vital operational technology assets using an approach grounded in zero trust principles.

Achieve Zero Trust Access with Xage

Xage accelerates the adoption of zero trust-based identity and access management for oil and gas companies.

The Xage Fabric is purpose-built for operational technology and for securing OT-IT-Cloud interconnected environments. Its identity-centric approach eliminates the complexity of modernizing secure access to energy production systems and data. With Xage, your security teams can enact granular, just-in-time access controlled down to the asset level.

The unique mesh architecture removes any need to rip and replace your current investments or jeopardize productivity to protect your OT, IT, and cloud infrastructure.


Learn how a Top-10 Global Energy Producer modernized access.

Zero Trust-based Cyber Hardening for Oil & Gas

Xage delivers proactive protection to address your cybersecurity initiatives. Xage Fabric strengthens your operational cybersecurity posture to safeguard critical assets anywhere you operate: on offshore platforms, along pipelines, in refineries and processing plants, or at the corporate HQ.

Key Cybersecurity Initiatives

Protect Against Ransomware

Halt costly ransomware and other cyber threats in their tracks. Xage identity-driven access control proactively blocks malicious threats before they wreak havoc on energy production systems and data.

Cyber Harden Critical Infrastructure

Simplify strengthening the cyber-physical security posture of your OT and OT/IT converged environment. Xage eliminates the complexity of implementing credential management and password rotation for devices and applications.

Meet Regulatory Mandates

Speed up compliance with industry standards, risk management frameworks, and cybersecurity mandates, such as TSA Security Directives and NIST 800.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Enable secure remote access to troubleshoot and recover from production-impacting issues rapidly. Xage Zero Trust Remote Access simplifies and secures access to and through OT-IT DMZ.

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