Zero Trust Data Exchange

Share data securely across OT, IT, Cloud, suppliers, and partners.

The Challenge

The volume of and sensitivity of data used to drive and automate critical processes is ballooning. Too often, this data is siloed in isolated networks, making it impossible to use efficiently. 

Critical infrastructure owners, from oil and gas companies to manufacturers to cloud data center operators to the Defense industry urgently need the ability to access and share data quickly without compromising data authenticity, integrity or confidentiality.

Zero Trust Data Exchange Eliminates Risk and Protects Critical Infrastructure

Zero trust data exchange enables secure sharing of data while preventing malicious tampering and costly mistakes that result in loss of revenue or strategically important mission data.

Ensure Data Integrity, Protect Intellectual Property

Guarantee the integrity and provenance of data back to its source. Ensure that sensitive, proprietary data can be shared securely without falling into the wrong hands.

Create New Revenue

Innovate to optimize and expand your business, confident in the authenticity and integrity of data you share, receive, and use to automate business-critical processes.

Streamline and Optimize Data Sharing Processes

Eliminate manual data sharing processes to streamline workflows and reduce costly errors.

Value of the Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange Solution

The Xage Fabric delivers complete control over who can move data into, out of, and across your environment, as well as which data they can access or move, and when and where they can move it. Xage offers the only solution that can enable secure bidirectional data sharing from siloed and isolated systems. Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange assures the authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of every piece of data, every step of the way.

Securely Access and Share Data from Siloed, Isolated Networks

Xage enables the secure access and transmission of data all from siloed, isolated, high-security networks. Xage makes it possible to securely share data without providing direct access to the sensor that produced it, enabling secure automation of critical processes and applications.

Granular Control Over Every Interaction with Data

Xage controls which data each user and application can send and receive, and which devices can exchange data laterally. This protects against accidental or intentional data corruption, assuring secure data transfer among multiple parties.

Simplified Secure Access Experience for All Personnel

Xage makes it easy to transfer and share data without resorting to complex, mistake-prone manual processes. This reduces the risk of data tampering or exposing sensitive data to the wrong party.

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Key Capabilities of Xage Zero Trust Data Exchange

Secure Bidirectional Data Sharing

Transfer data across silos and out of isolated systems and networks without compromising the security of the systems themselves. Access critical data without accessing the assets themselves.

Data Fingerprinting

Cryptographic fingerprinting of data using signed SHA256 hashes assures the integrity of data all the way from the source to the end destination, across multiple hops and layers.

Integrity Verification

Xage allows every authorized party to verify that the data they have received is intact and tamper-free.

Control User, Device, and Application Access to Data

Xage offers granular, policy-driven access control to assure data is only read or written by the authorized parties

Encrypt Data in Motion

Xage encrypts data with AES-256 as it is transferred across IPSEC tunnels through the Fabric. Data stays in memory, and is never written to storage, reducing the likelihood of data being accessed by attackers.

Public Cloud Support

Keep your sensitive data secure even when using public cloud provider

Multi-Hop Architecture

Xage is able to securely transfer data across multiple hops via authenticated encrypted tunnels, enabling secure data exchange across multiple layers of isolation from deep OT layers to enterprise and cloud systems.

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