Unified Zero Trust Access and Protection for Cloud

Simplify access, manage privileges, and enforce zero trust cloud security access control policies to protect every app and workload from a single console.

The Challenge

Managing access and protecting apps and workloads from cyberattacks across public and private cloud deployments introduces management burdens, end-user frustration, and security gaps. Today’s enterprises need to unify access, control privileges, and protect assets across datacenter, private, and public cloud hybrid environments.

Cloud Access and Protection Requirements

Consistent Policy Enforcement

Today, many enterprises lack the tools to enforce security policy consistently across on-premises and cloud environments. Critical cloud workloads end up with shared credentials.

Streamline Privileged Access

Enterprises need to be able to control which accounts have privileges, for what amount of time, across a range of cloud and on premises assets. Enabling access is business critical, but must not open up gaps in security.

Protect Apps and Workloads Everywhere

Controlling and monitoring applications and workloads across the enterprise often requires numerous tools and skillsets, introducing challenges and friction that lead to security gaps.

Secure Data in The Cloud

Enterprises need to control the access and movement of data in their cloud environments to avoid costly errors and prevent malicious activity.

Xage Cloud Security Capabilities

Secure every app and workload. Manage privileged users. Unify access policy and enforcement.

Combined ZTNA and PAM

Achieve secure access across multiple IdPs, CSPs, workloads, apps, and sites, while reducing complexity for admins and end users.

Distributed password vault

Eliminates risk of credentials being stolen, tampered with, or encrypted by ransomware.

Centrally manage identities, credentials, and policies

Eliminate the risk of shared service accounts, stale credentials, and misconfiguration.

Ongoing Exposure to Cyberattacks

Prevent ransomware with microsegmentation

Across Virtual Private Cloud apps and workloads, datacenter, and every workload and application.

Xage Unified Cloud Security Benefits

Xage combines the capabilities of ZTNA, PAM, and microsegmentation to deliver zero trust access and protection. Xage enforces the principle of least privilege while eliminating the risks of VPNs and avoiding the complexity of separate ZTNA, legacy PAM, and microsegmentation security controls.

Protect Every App and Workload From Attacks

Enforce MFA, SSO, and zero trust access policies on all apps, workloads, and data across every cloud instance and provider.

Simplify Management and Streamline Access

Manage identities, credentials, and privileges in a single console. Reduce complexity to minimize attack surface and risk.

Prevent Data Breaches

Prevent unauthorized access and movement of sensitive data into, out of, and across cloud resources. Stop attacks and prevent human error.

How It Works

Low Friction Deployment. High Impact Within a Day.

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