With hundreds of thousands of controllers, sensors, and meters spread over their large territories, energy operators need to be able to add, remove and control resources without compromising security.

The Xage Security Suite enables oil & gas, solar and wind operators to deliver remote access to their devices on an auditable per user & role basis with security enforcement ensured in the field.


Trains, cars and aircraft are becoming mobile computer networks, with sensors and AIs enabling both autonomous and cooperative operation. Xage secures the onboard and remote exchange of data and commands.

With secure vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, information and instructions are exchanged to optimize traffic flow, prevent accidents, dispatch emergency services, and help enable self-driving.


Today’s utilities have millions of digital systems, such as smart meters and distribution controllers, deployed across thousands of square miles.

These devices exchange information among themselves to manage operations and rectify faults. Xage’s Security Fabric enables safe peer-to-peer cooperation, as well as delivering zero-touch device provisioning.



Smart Factories are striving to improve the cost and quality of production output using analog and digital systems. Factories combine data from these systems to make real-time decisions and optimize their operations.

The Xage Security Fabric, deployed in the factory, ensures data integrity and secure communication between all the factory’s components, enabling system-wide process optimization.


As the level of automation increases in mines, there is a growing need to connect remote sensors and controllers, both fixed and mobile, and facilitate data exchange at the edge and with the control center.

The Xage Security Suite enables safe data exchange between devices and apps and unified access control for people based on their roles and authority, wherever they are in the mine and regardless of how they are connected.

Building Management

Building management operators are bringing more automation and improved secure access to bear on optimizing energy efficiency, service quality, and building-occupant comfort.

Xage’s Security Suite enables operators to locate, identify, and access equipment onsite and remotely, allowing better uptime and faster time-to-repair for fire/security, HVAC, and elevator systems.

And More

Xage’s Security Suite is delivering secure remote access, authentication, data privacy, automatic device provisioning, legacy-system connectivity and device credential rotation across multiple other industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Ecommerce and Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • And beyond…
White Paper

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The current model of enterprise security is incapable of protecting Industry 4.0 with its intermittently connected, heterogeneous devices and applications, distributed across organizations and geographies. Today’s centralized IT security paradigm needs to be replaced by cybersecurity that is distributed, flexible and adaptive.