Why Xage?

Xage Differentiators and Innovations

Xage Benefits

Xage delivers zero trust access and protection across every application, workload, and device. We stop attacks and prevent insider threats with more granular segmentation and zero trust privileged access enforcement than traditional approaches. And we do it all in a simple, unified platform that’s easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use. Our customers roll Xage out in days when the competition takes months, to achieve security and access faster, with zero downtime or disruption to existing systems.

Enable Universal Zero Trust Access for Enterprise Protection

  • Protect access to any application, workload, device, or data
  • Enforce MFA, credential rotation, SSO for every resource 
  • Enable remote access to any device – No VPN. No firewall rules. No risk. 
  • Apply granular access controls, even when devices are offline
  • Stay operational even during service interruptions, with no dependence on internet/WAN connectivity 
  • Simplify privilege management and revocation for all users, including authorized third parties
  • Unify access control across multiple cloud services and identity providers to minimize friction for administrators and end users

Prevent Attacks and Insider Threats

  • Prevent attacks at every stage of the MITRE ATT&CK framework 
  • Block lateral movement and target discovery with machine-to-machine access control 
  • Protect against identity-based attacks with automatic credential rotation and elimination of default passwords 
  • Enforce zero trust policies and least privilege principles with precise timed access restrictions 
  • Scan every file and verify data integrity to prevent the spread of ransomware and malicious files
  • Prevent exploitation of unpatched, vulnerable devices with zero trust architecture

Reduce Complexity and Move Faster

  • Unify access management across all assets (modern & legacy), applications, workloads and cloud providers in a single console 
  • Eliminate disjointed and risky solutions, including VPN, firewalls, jump boxes, etc.
  • Connect new sites and systems confidently during enterprise growth and M&A scenarios
  • Collaborate effectively from anywhere in a seamless virtual operations center
  • Accelerate critical maintenance and optimizations with remote use of native client-server software
  • Move faster and tap into global talent pools with easy-to-provision, secure remote access
  • Empower your workforce with a frictionless solution so they don’t look for easier, insecure workarounds
Xage Fabric Platform

Resilient and Secure by Design

The Xage Fabric is a cyber-resilient, highly available cybersecurity mesh platform that defends your assets against attacks across OT, IIoT, IT, and the Cloud.

Resilient and Secure by Design

Recent Innovations

Multi-Identity Provider

Xage supports multiple IdPs and AD instances. Xage unifies identity and access management into a single, simple interface. You can configure multiple AD instances across layers and sites, plus manage user privileges and access policies for the users for each of those ADs.

Multi-Monitor View

Xage multi-monitor view delivers a virtual operations center from anywhere. Multi-monitor view provides users the ability to see and control application windows from multiple monitors when they’re working remotely, even if they might have a different number or arrangement of displays than are onsite.

Zero Trust Access for Desktop Applications

Xage supports remote connections via desktop applications. Connect easily without the headaches of managing VPNs and agent-based solutions which can require changes to firewall rules or network configuration that expose your organization to risk.

Gartner Peer Insights

Xage has enabled us to simplify how we provide secure access to sensitive environments. The solution allows for ease of administration and providing granularity without sacrificing security.

Director of Network Engineering & Security - Energy and Utilities ($5000M-1B USD)

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