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Enterprises with industrial operations technology need to know what’s happening across many applications in order to manage each step of their operational processes and ensure both uptime and security. Onsite, you might give each application its own monitor to see all the details at a glance, sometimes even expanding a single application across multiple monitors.

But what if some or all of your people aren’t onsite? You might need to share access to several monitors with remote employees or an outside expert. They’ll need a clear picture of what’s happening across multiple applications and to be able to make changes for troubleshooting and identifying opportunities for optimization.

Multi-Monitor View with Xage 

Xage’s OT remote access follows zero trust principles to deliver granular, just-in-time access down to individual assets. Multi-monitor view expands that capability, allowing users to see and control application windows from multiple monitors when they’re working remotely, even if they might have a different number or arrangement of displays than are onsite.

Key Benefits

  • Share a clean, organized view from multiple separate displays remotely on any configuration of screens—and control read and write capabilities.
  • Share multiple remote monitors merged into a single browser window or share each remote monitor in a separate window so users can customize their arrangement on their personal displays.
  • Give restricted or privileged access to remote users without leaving holes in the defenses around sensitive OT.

Demo Multi-Monitor View

See how multi-monitor view works in this demo video.

Collaborate with Offsite Specialists

Whether you’ve got offshore wind farms, a manufacturing site in another city, or satellites in space, it’s faster, easier, and more economical to give technicians and specialists remote access than having to fly them to your operations center. With Xage they can see across multiple applications and onsite monitors in an easy, unified system. You choose whether to give them read-only or write permissions. 

Xage session collaboration means that multiple users can see and collaborate on the same set of applications simultaneously, streamlining remote work.

Remote Access that’s Secure

All of Xage’s usual real-time access permission controls still apply, so you can add or revoke read and write permissions on the fly and terminate the session whenever necessary. With multi-monitor view, you can provide remote employees and third-party service providers with a virtual operations center no matter where they are. That means you can eliminate friction and streamline cooperation to accelerate innovation and optimization for operational and production processes.

Xage gives you privileged access management for greater remote access security. Get full audit logs and granular policies, like the ability to auto-record every session for particular users. That means you can track every change a technician or consultant has made to quickly trace the root cause of errors or catch malicious activity.

Xage Meets You Where You’re at

Xage enables remote access via the protocols you already use, with support for RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, HTTP, and even industrial protocols like Modbus. Plus, Xage can grant access via mobile devices—iOS and Android alike. All without needing to install agents in your infrastructure.

Remote users can access multi-monitor view via a browser, skipping the need for outside consultants to install software. Just create a user account for them to grant easy access while still following zero trust principles defining specific least-privilege access delineated by user.

Xage continues to enhance our virtual operations center capabilities to simplify and streamline remote work and collaboration, enabling optimization of processes and accelerated business innovation. 

Xage products and capabilities supporting a virtual operations center include:

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