OT Remote Access

Enable and secure remote access for industrial OT with Xage.

The Challenge

Preventing costly disruptions and defending against escalating cyber threats dramatically elevates the need to modernize your industrial cybersecurity. Against this backdrop, industrial organizations increasingly require secure remote access to once-isolated operational assets. Organizations need OT remote access that doesn’t open them up to increased risk.

Modernize OT Remote Access with Zero Trust

Successfully meeting demands for secure remote access starts with adopting a unified approach. A modern solution based on zero trust principles makes it easy to deliver granular, just-in-time access down to individual assets.

Identity-Driven Access

Shift from a network-centric to an identity-centric remote access policy model, with each identity forming its own perimeter.

Continuous Verification

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture by eliminating all-or-nothing access regardless of the maturity – or lack thereof – of native device controls.

Least Privilege

Reduce vulnerable attack surface area – providing just enough access for just enough time – to accelerate cyber-hardening without disruption.

You can no longer afford to depend on a mix of disjointed remote access methods, from traditional VPNs to an overreliance on IT-centric solutions. A fragmented approach not only jeopardizes productivity gains but also creates the ideal conditions for cyber attackers and failed regulatory compliance.

Case Study | Learn Why a Leading Global Steel Manufacturer Selected Xage Over TeamViewer

Xage’s Zero Trust Remote Access Solution

Xage accelerates the adoption of a zero trust remote access approach for industrial environments and can also provide zero trust remote access (ZTRA) for IT infrastructure.

Identity-Driven Access Policy Management

Xage Zero Trust Remote Access makes it easy to create and enforce granular, identity-driven access policies between operational assets and remote users and applications.

With Xage there’s no need to rip and replace existing infrastructure or suffer disruptive changes to protect all digital interactions between users and assets.

Secure Traversal Across Zones

Powered by the highly available Xage Fabric, Xage Zero Trust Remote Access simplifies and secures connectivity to and through your OT-IT DMZ.

You no longer need to open multiple firewall ports for access via common protocols – such as SSH, VNC, RDP, HTTPS, PROFINET, Modbus, or others – safeguarding your at-risk assets without impacting productivity.

Full Visibility of Remote Access Activity

Xage Zero Trust Remote Access solution cyber-hardens virtually any cyber-physical system. Regardless of the maturity of native device capabilities, you can add advanced security controls, like Multi-Factor Authentication, point-in-time access approval workflows, and role-based access controls.

You’ll also gain a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring all remote activity giving you unmatched visibility for incident response and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Download the Solution Brief

“Most cybersecurity products are focused in the area of a single control. The Xage platform is unique because it strongly supports defensible architecture, ICS network visibility and monitoring, and secure remote access.”

– SANS First Look at Zero Trust Access Management and Remote Access for OT-IT-Cloud


Benefits of Xage Zero Trust Remote Access

Unified Access Policy Management

Avoid separate tools and create unified, granular identity-driven remote access control policies across all your operational assets and remote users.

Simplified Secure Access Experience

Deliver friction-free remote access for all your users, in seconds instead of days or weeks, without end-point agents or additional software.

Modernize and Elevate Security Controls

Strengthen your cybersecurity with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), advanced secrets management, and more – regardless of the maturity of native device capabilities.

Enable Session Collaboration

Boost productivity through secure session collaboration across any remote connectivity protocol, including RDP, VNC, and SSH – even across airgapped and on-premises networks.

Choice of Deployment Model

Be operational in less time with the flexibility to choose on-premises or cloud-based deployment options.

Protect File Transfers Across Zones

Prevent vulnerable USB and SMB file transfers with flexible file sharing across Cloud, IT, and OT environments without fear of malicious software or compromised file integrity.

Full Visibility and Control of Remote Sessions

Gain peace of mind with unmatched monitoring of all remote access activity, including identity-based logging, auditing, traceability, and session recording.

Mitigate Malware and Anomalous Behaviors

Proactively detect and block cyber risks before they can wreak havoc across your industrial environment such as insecure network protocols, unusual interactions between assets, malicious software, and more.

Comply with Regulations and Mandates

Rapidly meet and exceed compliance requirements and industry standards, such as NERC-CIP, IEC 62443, and TSA Pipeline Security Directives.

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