Identity management and access control

Identity management and access control

Xage Broker pushes security policy from the center into the edge.

Identity management and access control

Xage Gateways, Enforcement Points and optional Clients form a blockchain-protected fabric for security and app data, operating independent of central connectivity.

Identity management and access control

Users, applications and devices authenticate and cooperate via the Xage security fabric.

"Trust and access control for devices, users, and applications at the edge are key requirements for securing industrial and commercial IoT deployments. Xage’s security platform meets all of those requirements."

Jason Shepherd

Dell IoT

Xage Gateway

Xage Gateways form a blockchain-protected Fabric for tamperproof on-site storage of security information and app data, with edge-cloud data validation.

  • Real-time operations without offsite dependency
  • Strength in numbers: No single point to hack
  • Device credential management and proxy access
  • Device lifecycle management and provisioning

Xage Broker

Deployed centrally, the Broker connects central services such as Active Directory with the edge Fabric. It synchronizes credentials, certificates, policies and shared data between edge and center.

  • Central control, autonomous edge operation
  • Role-based remote access and single sign-on
  • Conduit for central data handling

Xage Policy Manager

The Xage Policy Manager enables security policies to be defined centrally and then replicated and enforced system-wide, automating the protection of critical infrastructure.

  • Automated cybersecurity for distributed operations
  • Controls security field-wide from a single dashboard
  • Meets evolving compliance needs e.g. NERC-CIP

Xage Enforcement Point

Xage Enforcement Point (XEP) is a filter which protects vulnerable industrial controllers and IIoT devices that may have no built-in password or secure protocol protection of their own.

  • Protects down to specific devices & controllers
  • Enforces access control policy per Xage Fabric
  • Blocks any attempt to compromise an asset

Optional Xage Client Agent

Deployed within an industrial device, the optional Client Agent allows the device to participate directly in the Xage blockchain-secured IIOT Fabric and lifecycle management system.

  • Standards-based enrollment (EST, SCEP, via CoAP, HTTP)
  • Low-power support
  • Blockchain node: Increased security and tamper-proofing

Xage Management Tools

The Xage Management Tools provide monitoring, alerting and single-pane-of-glass management of the Xage Suite.

  • Orchestration and monitoring
  • Audit and compliance
  • Attack-detection and alerting
Fabric Preview

Xage Security Suite Application Examples

Connecting Apps and AIs
  • Preventative maintenance and self-healing
  • Real-time authentication
    Autonomous Vehicles

  • Operational efficiency and cost reduction

  • Peer-to-peer devices
    Smart Meter Management

Technical Access Control
  • Remote access
    Building Management

  • Device credential rotation & user/role-based login
    Oil & Gas

  • Compliance and audit
    Fault analysis, Green energy

Secure Connectivity
  • Data integrity, sharing & privacy
    Supply-chain, Healthcare
  • Consensus-based attack-recovery
  • Zero-touch device deployment
  • Securing unprotected controllers & devices
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The old model of network isolation and centralized enforcement mechanisms is incapable of supporting today's industrial digital transformation with its continuous operating requirements, heterogeneous devices and applications, and data sharing across organizations and geographies. The old enforcement model needs to be replaced by cybersecurity that is distributed, rigorous, flexible and adaptive.

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