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Xage Highlighted in Industrial Cyber’s 2022 Technology and Solutions Buyer’s Guide

By August 2, 2022 No Comments

By Roman Arutyunov, Xage Co-Founder & VP of Product



We are honored to be included and highlighted in several solution categories in the latest version of the Industrial Cyber’s Buyer’s Guide for Cybersecurity Technology, Solutions and Services by Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst at Takepoint Research. 

Xage is highlighted in the Identity and Access Management (IAM), Perimeter Security and Network Segmentation, as well as the Secure Remote Access and Zero Trust solution categories. 

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Here are some quick takeaways from from this report: 

  • Top 4 technology concerns for OT enterprises are insufficient network segmentation, lack of system hardening, weak access control, and insufficient levels of identity management. 
  • A holistic approach that integrates security and operations at the individual machines/processes level and through the line and plant operations will eventually cover the enterprise, supply chain, and allied ecosystems to deliver maximum efficiency and secure the entire environment. 
  • NIST SP 800-82 Revision 3 document, a newly expanded scope for OT environments, highlights how traditional IT-centric security controls won’t work in OT environments. 
  • Zero Trust is being adapted for OT cyber needs providing effective approaches for identity-based remote access and network segmentation. 

Furthermore, this report identifies Zero Trust-based Remote Access as a better approach compared to traditional VPN-based approaches: “Zero Trust remote access solutions are designed to allow access across the layers of the OT/IoT environment, such as from OT to DMZ to IT networks. Instead of VPN connectivity which requires an internal IP address for external users, Zero Trust solutions use a Tunnel and Proxy that fits with standard architectures and securely relays data. As a result, zero trust remote access solutions support both cloud and on-prem deployment.”  

Xage has been a pioneer in the Zero Trust-based approach to industrial cybersecurity and is glad to see these major trends and recommendations identified in this report. Xage’s underlying technology, the Xage Fabric, is a zero trust mesh that overlays an operation to impose granular control over all digital interactions including interactions with the enterprise, supply chain, and the broader ecosystem. The Fabric makes it possible to adopt a zero trust architecture that protects industrial cyber physical systems with thousands of connected assets and digital applications spanning operations, IT, and the cloud—all without ripping and replacing existing systems.

Read the Report