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Xage Joins EnergySec to Revolutionize Cybersecurity for Energy Organizations

By June 29, 2018 No Comments

Xage has joined EnergySec, a non-profit corporation formed to support energy sector organizations with the security of their critical technology infrastructures.

The centralized and often manual security processes traditionally tasked to protect energy operations cannot scale with the complexities of today’s newly connected and digitized systems, leaving organizations increasingly vulnerable to malicious actors. Accordingly, the number of cyberattacks directed towards the energy industry is growing by 250% each year, putting not only individual organizations, but the entire national energy infrastructure at risk.

“We have entered a new era of vulnerability for critical energy infrastructure” said Xage’s Co-Founder and VP of Product, Roman Arutyunov. “The industry is being transformed not only by new opportunities, but also by new threats. EnergySec and Xage are aligned in our objective to use innovative technologies and initiatives to revolutionize the way energy organizations approach cybersecurity.”

“Part of EnergySec’s mission is to bring together product and service vendors with our utility community to explore new and innovative ways to secure critical infrastructure,” said Steven Parker, President of EnergySec. “We’re happy to add Xage to our growing list of commercial members partnering with us in this effort.”

The Xage Security Suite creates an adaptive any-to-any blockchain-secured IIoT communication fabric for cooperation, management, and data exchange among devices, applications, and people, helping energy organizations protect vulnerable assets and remain compliant with the latest security requirements, including the recently revised NERC CIP-003-7 standard.

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