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Xage Joins SunSpec Alliance to Simplify & Standardize Security in Renewable Energy

By December 1, 2020 No Comments

Today, Xage is proud to announce that it joined the SunSpec Alliance, a group addressing the operational requirements of solar and energy storage on the smart grid to reduce cost, promote innovation and accelerate industry growth. 

SunSpec comprises over one hundred solar and storage distributed energy producers and vendors together pursuing standards that enable system interoperability. As a part of the alliance, Xage will help shape industry standards for cybersecurity, storage, distribution, and usage of energy equipment and bring older, less secure assets into the realm of zero-trust. 

With Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) owned,operated, and serviced by multiple companies, equipment made by various vendors, and thousands of employees and contractors with varying credentials, energy companies have a growing need for identity-based access control and secure data sharing to ensure efficient, secure operations. Having worked closely with industry leaders such as ComEd, Xage has a deep understanding of the complexities of energy systems, and the company is eager to take a leading role in shaping the standards for securing DER architectures while simultaneously improving interoperability and upleveling system efficiency.

To start, Xage is working with the Sunspec Blockchain Working Group on a system for recording private and public key properties and implementation assessments for DER equipment and software, and ultimately will create a specification for distributed security architecture for access control and data sharing using an identity-based approach in a multi-party environment. 

To learn more about SusSpec Alliance, see here. For more information about how Xage can simplify security in the edge, visit