Xage Partners with Agora to Deploy Zero-Trust Cybersecurity

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Xage | AgoraToday, Xage Security announces their partnership with Agora, the digital innovation partner for oilfield operators harnessing the full power of IoT and edge computing. A venture backed by Schlumberger, Agora offers dynamic intelligence to the oilfield with edge AI and IoT solutions. As the only E&P-specific edge AI solutions provider, Agora delivers real-time remote operations and intelligent asset solutions that bridge the gap to a more sustainable and safe oilfield with a lower carbon and human footprint while increasing operation efficiency and productivity.

The Agora edge AI solutions platform uses best practices to secure Hardware, Software, Data & Network. Agora prides in providing data security at rest, in transmission and in storage (in cloud or on prem). Through this partnership, Xage has integrated its Security Suite into the Agora edge AI solution. The integration presents customers with the next level of security and a full comprehensive, scalable, flexible, and secure foundation for digital transformation. Xage will allow oil and gas field operations to utilize: 

  • Identity, Access Management, and Remote Access: Oil and gas operations require cooperation from multiple parties in order to be effective. The Xage Security Fabric maintains a tamperproof ledger that enables, records, and enforces identity-based access management across OT, IT, and cloud. Operators can establish access control based on identity and policies that span modern IoT devices, legacy equipment, and operational data.
  • Dynamic Data Security: Xage’s Dynamic Data Security solution enforces data control across assets, even those that may be isolated intermittently as the result of outages, intermittent connectivity or malicious tampering. In an industry where collaboration is critical, operators require granular control over data to determine exactly what data is shared, and with whom. With Xage, operators can benefit from lower costs through vendor agnostic data exchange; easily scale multi-layer defense across new and legacy assets; and secure data sharing at the edge and cloud, among partners and suppliers.
  • Multiparty, Edge, and Cloud App Protection: Xage minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to logical systems and unifies access control for on-premises and cloud environments. Xage also ensures the data integrity of the information being collected from field devices to the edge and from the edge to the cloud, across IT and OT. Fully customizable, operators can enable flexible and unified edge-to-edge-to-cloud operations. 

In partnership with Agora, the Xage Security Suite offers unique zero-trust local and remote access security, enabling oil and gas operators to establish secure and auditable access management, as well as secure data exchange internally and among partners––across the entirety of customers’ operations. 

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The current model of enterprise security is incapable of protecting Industry 4.0 with its intermittently connected, heterogeneous devices and applications, distributed across organizations and geographies. Today’s centralized IT security paradigm needs to be replaced by cybersecurity that is distributed, flexible and adaptive.