Xage Security Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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AzureToday, Xage’s Security Fabric has become available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use. Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to Xage’s Security Fabric to take advantage of the scalability, reliability and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies.

It’s more important than ever to ensure that all industries have remote access capabilities and can deliver secure remote operations. The Xage Security Fabric provides tamperproof, non-intrusive protection for all equipment and applications, from new IoT devices to vulnerable legacy systems. Providing unique zero-trust access security across the entire IT and OT environment, Xage delivers identity management, universal and remote access control, dynamic data security, unified multi-factor authentication and single sign-on from cloud to edge, enabling efficient, autonomous operations and innovation for today’s real-world operations. 

Microsoft’s Global IoT Lead, Commercial Marketplace (Cloud + AI), Jeff Cornwell, said:

“Over the last few years – and with the recent increased shift to remote work – we’ve seen that the edge and the cloud must come together to power new innovations and improve the ways that organizations function. We are pleased to welcome Xage Security’s transactable offering into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace––bringing the convenience of the Azure cloud into OT environments with comprehensive security, supporting the adoption of new technologies in real-world operations, and accelerating time to productivity for Azure customers with a self-serve find, buy, deploy experience.”

Xage customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management. Xage Security Fabric benefits include:

  • Zero-trust control and visibility of individual interactions (within and outside of trust zones) across edge, control center, datacenter, and cloud deployments
  • Dynamic role-based policies for interactions (not complex static firewall rules)
  • Remote and local access management for users, apps, machines, and data
  • Multi-factor authentication deployed as an overlay with no changes to assets
  • Universal IAM supporting legacy and new devices and apps with Single Sign-On and federation across multiple providers
  • Dynamic Data Security with data sharing across OT, IT, Cloud, and ecosystem environments with end-to-end granular data authenticity, integrity, privacy, and control

The Xage Fabric’s integration with Azure makes delivering secure access for operations simpler than ever. During deployment, the Xage Fabric and management tools are installed in the Azure environment, while additional Xage software provides security enforcement at the operational edge. Once Xage is deployed, any authorized and authenticated user, app, or machine is able to access assets in the IT/OT environment securely and easily.

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The current model of enterprise security is incapable of protecting Industry 4.0 with its intermittently connected, heterogeneous devices and applications, distributed across organizations and geographies. Today’s centralized IT security paradigm needs to be replaced by cybersecurity that is distributed, flexible and adaptive.