Xage Security Receives IoT Breakthrough Award for Industrial IoT Innovation

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IoT_Breakthrough_Awards-Badge_2023We’re thrilled to announce that Xage has been selected for an IoT Breakthrough Award in the category of Industrial IoT Innovator of the Year. Xage was selected from a group of over 4,000 IoT Breakthrough Award candidates across a range of sectors, from Artificial Intelligence to Digital health to Cybersecurity and IoT.

The urgency of cybersecurity for industrial IoT is at an inflection point. IoT and IIoT devices historically have limited or no built-in security features and come with default credentials, leaving them vulnerable to attack. As adoption of IIoT accelerates, and operational technology grows increasingly interconnected with enterprise IT systems, the attack surface grows rapidly. Cyberattackers are taking advantage of this to compromise operational systems and demand enormous ransoms. 

Xage’s novel multi-layer MFA solution combines zero trust access control with a defense-in-depth authentication strategy to make critical infrastructure essentially impenetrable to MFA fatigue attacks. Users must reconfirm their identity prior to accessing any site, application or device. As a result, compromise of an individual authentication factor—like what typically happens in an MFA fatigue attack—does not allow the attacker to compromise the user’s whole identity and gain illegitimate access to the rest of the systems, sites, or applications.

Xage is proud to be recognized for our pioneering approach to industrial cybersecurity that focuses on prevention rather than just detection and response. The core technology, the Xage Fabric, is a zero trust mesh that overlays an operation to impose granular control over all digital interactions. The Fabric makes it possible to adopt a zero trust architecture that protects IIoT systems with thousands of connected assets and digital applications spanning operations, IT, and the cloud—all without ripping and replacing existing technology.

To learn more about the Xage Fabric and our innovative approach to securing Industrial IOT and broader critical infrastructure technology, check out our solutions page.

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