Xage Selected as IoT Breakthrough’s Emerging Company of the Year

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XageFollowing our 2019 award for IoT Security Platform of the Year, the 2021 IoT Breakthrough Awards has named Xage Security the Emerging Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market.

IoT Breakthrough acknowledges top companies across the IoT space, from smart city to industrial operations. With over 3,850 submissions this year, we’re honored to have been selected for our work to secure industrial IoT, particularly amid a tumultuous year rife with cyberthreats and rich in innovation.

As remote operations propel security to the forefront of priorities for industrial and commercial companies, Xage’s distributed security fabric has become increasingly valuable. In order to adapt and thrive in a remote-first world, CIOs, CTOs, and other tech leaders have had to accelerate digital transformation efforts and quickly pivot strategies that enable remote operations, improve collaboration and introduce new revenue opportunities. With the launch of our Dynamic Data Security and Zero Trust Remote Access offerings this year, we’ve helped organizations both keep their operations safe and find ways to become more efficient.

“As the use of IoT continues to grow, it’s more important than ever that organizations ensure these devices are secure,” said Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Xage Security. “We thank IoT Breakthrough for recognizing us again this year, and we look forward to continuing our work to enable safe, secure, and profitable operations for our customers in 2021 and beyond.”

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The current model of enterprise security is incapable of protecting Industry 4.0 with its intermittently connected, heterogeneous devices and applications, distributed across organizations and geographies. Today’s centralized IT security paradigm needs to be replaced by cybersecurity that is distributed, flexible and adaptive.