Xage Selected as IoT Breakthrough’s IoT Security Platform of the Year

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We’re proud to kick off the new year with the announcement that Xage Security has been honored as the IoT Security Platform of the Year by the IoT Breakthrough Awards!  

The IoT Breakthrough Awards acknowledge the work of companies across the spectrum of IoT innovation – from connected homes and smart cities to connected cars and industrial IoT. Chosen from over 3,500 submissions, we were recognized for our work securing the IoT amidst the rapid digitization of the most significant global industries and enabling increases in capability and efficiency.

“As we anticipate an installed base of over 26 billion IoT connected devices worldwide this year, IoT industry growth and adoption is proven,” said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “We now see the IoT market focused not just on growth, but on creating tangible value for consumers and businesses. Our 2019 IoT Breakthrough Award winners deliver on that focus, providing true value with new and innovative technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

Xage was selected for the development of a comprehensive, decentralized security platform colocated with the machines and operations it protects, enabling security regardless of distance or network connectivity. And unlike traditional centralized security models, Xage’s platform gets stronger with every device added to a network. By synthesizing blockchain technology and Shamir’s secret sharing, Xage has created a distributed, redundant, self-healing platform that secures identity, authentication, enrollment, and peer-to-peer data exchange at the industrial edge. The solution determines when a process has been compromised, isolates the problem, and corrects it before it can infiltrate other parts of the network and cause long-term damage.

“Xage empowers innovation in IoT, and the development of autonomous, efficient, connected networks that will move industries forward,” said Xage CEO Duncan Greatwood. “As we move from a great 2018 into an even more promising 2019, we’re proud to have been selected for our work in creating a safer, more secure and more productive Internet of Things”

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