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Get Officially Certified with Xage Security Training and Badges

By December 4, 2023 No Comments

Author: Dararith Long, Solutions Architect, Xage Security

I facilitate a lot of training here at Xage Security, so I’m thrilled to share that we’re rolling out a certification program as part of our mission to advance cybersecurity for OT, IT, and cloud.

What’s New?

Starting today, we’re offering three digital certifications for those who have completed our product training within the last year. It’s an important step in our commitment to an identity-first approach to securing cyber physical systems.

Xage Certified Implementation Specialist

Xage Certified Implementation Specialist

This certification signifies an understanding of the critical processes and components needed to install and deploy the Xage Fabric. This includes understanding various architecture deployments, system prerequisites, network considerations, and how to set up integrative services.

Xage Certified Solutions Architect

Xage Certified Solutions Architect

This certification signifies the pinnacle of proficiency in designing solutions using the Xage Fabric. Earners have demonstrated a deep understanding of Xage’s use cases and value proposition and are equipped to handle installations, administrative tasks, troubleshooting, integration with other solutions, etc. Earners possess expertise in customizing the Xage Fabric for optimal operational effectiveness, ensuring peak performance in critical asset operation for maximum organizational impact.

Xage Certified Systems Administrator

Xage Certified Systems Administrator

This certification signifies fundamental knowledge in performing administrative tasks within the Xage Fabric. Earners have demonstrated how to provision identity-based access management policies including best practices for configuring user accounts, devices, access methods, access approval requests, and multi-factor authentication.

Who Can Participate?

Current Customers

Some Xage customers already qualify for training and certification. Want to learn more about the program or sign up to get a certification? Enter your email below and we’ll reach out!

Xage Partners

Certified Xage partners already qualify for the program as part of their collaboration with Xage. Check out our partners page to learn more.

Partner with Xage
Cybersecurity Professionals

Learn about zero trust in the OT Space and understand how Xage protects cyber physical systems.

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Why Digital Certification?

This digital certification serves as a testament to the expertise gained through our comprehensive training programs. It empowers individuals with tangible proof of their skills and knowledge in safeguarding OT environments against evolving threats.

Benefits for You

  • Professional recognition: Showcase your commitment to cybersecurity excellence and distinguish yourself as a certified expert using the Xage Fabric.
  • Skill validation: Prove your expertise in specific areas such as solution design, deployment, and system administration of the Xage Fabric.
  • Trust and assurance: Provide stakeholders with confidence in your abilities.

How to Access Your Digital Certification

If you’ve completed our training in the last year, keep an eye on your inbox for a personalized link to claim your digital certification. If you didn’t receive a link, please contact

Thank you for being an integral part of the Xage community. Together, let’s continue to reinforce the security landscape and shape a resilient future!

Why Xage Security?

The Xage Fabric is a cyber-resilient, highly available cybersecurity mesh platform that defends your assets against attacks across OT, IT, and the cloud. Protect your business against ever-changing cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and crucial business technology. 

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Enter your email and we’ll follow up with more on the program and how you can get certified.