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Xage Security Clinches Gold at the 2024 American Business Awards

By May 2, 2024 No Comments
Xage Security Clinches Gold at the 2024 American Business Awards

We are thrilled to share that Xage Security has been awarded Gold for Identity & Access Security Solution at the 2024 American Business Awards. Amid stiff competition, with nearly 4,000 applications received, our solution stood out for its innovative approach to zero trust identity and access. 

This year’s competition was evaluated by nearly 300 professionals, drawn from various sectors, bringing a wide range of expertise to the judging process.

Multi-Layer Identity Verification and Access

This award recognizes Xage for superior identity and access security solutions. The Xage approach is unique – the only solution to provide zero trust protection and access for any asset, device, workload, and user across IT, OT, and cloud. The overlay solution can easily be dropped into any environment and immediately begins enforcing zero trust policies for better security without hindering productivity. 

As noted by the judges of the American Business Awards, “Xage Security’s multi-layer identity verification and access improves overall security and provides robust defense against attacks.” The multi-faceted nature of our access verification, like MFA and credential rotation, ensures that security is maintained at every layer, creating a barrier against breach.

Proven Trust and Reliability

The confidence placed in Xage by critical sectors is not just a testament to our technology’s robust capabilities but also to its adaptability and scalability. The adoption of Xage’s solutions by organizations with rigorous security demands highlights Xage’s reliability and the trust it has earned in the market.

As highlighted by the award judges, “The adoption of Xage’s solutions by high-stakes entities like the US Air Force and major energy corporations underscores its reliability and the trust it commands in the market. The product’s ability to secure critical infrastructure without the need for expensive equipment overhauls speaks volumes about its efficiency and the value it offers to large-scale enterprises.”

To learn more about the Xage approach to identity and access security, check out our zero trust access product page.