One of the Largest Steel Manufacturers Selects Xage for Zero Trust Remote Access

Xage delivers an increased security posture for operations, a streamlined user experience, and better ROI compared to other remote access solutions.

With the outset of the pandemic, one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers faced the challenge of providing their personnel full remote access to their manufacturing sites – expanding across the Americas without disruptions to operations and their business. 

The company installed trials with TeamViewer for secure remote access to their OT environments but quickly ran into many limitations. Then, they turned to Xage Security Zero Trust Remote Access solution to provide them with a strong security posture against the increasing number of cyber-attacks targeting operational technology.

The Results:

Oil and gas companies face no shortage of challenges. Keeping production flowing depends on addressing challenges across all segments–upstream, midstream, and downstream.

  • Zero trust-based secure remote access specifically designed for multi-layer OT environments 
  • Unprecedented visibility and control with Identity Access Management
  • Increased ROI enabling them to be more competitive 
  • Improved productivity from decreased user complexity in operating the solution

Read the case study to learn why the steel manufacturer deployed the Xage Zero Trust Remote Access solution across their North American facilities after a trial in 6 locations.

Download the Case Study