Hardware and Device-protocol Agnostic Access Control for Industrial Operations

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Xage Enforcement Point (XEP) enables role-based access control and single sign-on for industrial operations devices, from legacy control systems to the newest IoT machines–even those previously lacking any access control protection.

Xage provides enforcement across a variety of connections, including traditional, LAN-based wired, WiFi, and even serial devices. Rather than having to remember, manage, and maintain VPN connections and device logons, users can authenticate with their corporate credentials for a single-sign-on experience, and devices and control systems benefit from comprehensive policy-based access-control enforcement.

In this demo, XEP works with Xage’s tamperproof security fabric to protect two networked industrial control systems that out of the box typically lack credentialing or secure access.

See how Xage enables IT administrators to configure the Xage system, users, devices and the policies to access industrial systems. Learn how the Xage security fabric, which is both hardware and device-protocol agnostic, enforces policy-based access control.

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The current model of enterprise security is incapable of protecting Industry 4.0 with its intermittently connected, heterogeneous devices and applications, distributed across organizations and geographies. Today’s centralized IT security paradigm needs to be replaced by cybersecurity that is distributed, flexible and adaptive.