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Xage and U.S. Air Force Expand Engagement for Secure Data and Operations

By April 29, 2020 No Comments

AFWERK When it comes to military operations, it’s crucial that digital interactions stay secure. Since last year, Xage Security has been supporting innovations to help address the IT, OT, and data security needs of the Air Force and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) through the SBIR AFWERX program. As part of the SBIR Phase 1 Topic 20.1 grant, Xage is working with the Air Force to help provide key communication protection and data security that will support mission effectiveness, autonomous tactical operations, faster response times, safety, and battlefield intelligence.

Xage’s existing relationship with the Air Force applies the blockchain-protected Xage Security Fabric to Air Force cyber systems and processes. As part of this work, the Air Force is harnessing Xage’s Dynamic Data Security to help ensure secure communication and data transfer, allowing for safe operations and combat support. 

It’s vital for organizations to be able to share data with a high degree of confidence in its integrity, privacy, and authenticity––which can make data sharing unadvisable (or even impossible) for older, legacy systems. Dynamic Data Security ensures secure and dynamic data sharing between multiple systems, multiple locations, and multiple parties. By securely sharing data, organizations can more easily access new opportunities for innovation and collaboration, such as increasing operational efficiency through better data or harnessing new revenue through data transfer.

Secure data transactions are vital to the success and safety of the Air Force’s military operations. Dynamic Data Security is able to help the Air Force secure all-domain operations, ensure mission effectiveness, offer agile combat support, maintain the integrity of autonomous operations, and keep assets safe. 

Government agencies like the Air Force need the best possible cybersecurity – and Xage’s approach ensures safe dynamic data transfer, secure remote access, and role-based access control. Xage is looking forward to continuing our work with the Air Force and helping them find new, innovative ways to connect and protect mission operations.