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Today, industrial operators are experiencing transformational change focused on autonomous data-driven, machine-to-machine IoT cooperation. The network-layer isolation security methods of the past are insufficient, exposing vulnerable systems to the risk of cyber-attack.

Xage’s Identity and Access Management services are delivered either wholly on-site, or via the cloud with additional on-site enforcement. They remain robust even if the network is breached, and cover a comprehensive array of IoT, SCADA, PLC, RTU and HMI systems together with the latest control and monitoring applications.

Xage’s solutions deliver granular application-level security and control. Operators are able to instantly create or revoke groups and policies for devices, applications, and people, enabling secure access and secure cooperation. All access attempts are tracked with a tamperproof audit-log. Policies (e.g. for access control, device password rotation or multi-factor authentication) are set centrally but delivered and enforced autonomously in the field using the Fabric. This maximizes uptime and avoids inline dependencies on remote assets. Plus Xage’s XEP protects legacy systems, detecting any unauthorized changes, and blocking attempts at compromise.

Xage is deployed non-intrusively, without any changes to the protected devices and industrial controllers. The Xage Policy Manager manages all devices, apps, users and data-streams field-wide from a single dashboard. Policy Manager also automates operational security, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations such as NERC-CIP.

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A revolution known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 is underway. Industrial companies are deploying intelligent systems composed of devices and software applications that cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time. These systems can contain new devices with robust security controls as well as currently installed devices, e.g., PLCs, RTUs, HMIs, meters, and sensors, that provide limited and varied security capabilities. Furthermore, as operations and enterprises are embracing data-driven automation, data and interactions need to be protected edge-to-edge, to cloud, and across the ecosystem.

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