Zero Trust Security for the Real World

Secure, manage & transform OT, IT and cloud operations. Deliver zero-trust local access, remote access, and data security.

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Why Xage?

Xage delivers zero-trust identity and access management, securing existing
systems and data while protecting on-site and remote-first digital transformation.


"Xage helps protect existing operations against the rising tide of cyber attacks and enables the future of highly-connected Industrial IoT."

Michael Dolbec

Senior Managing Director, GE

Sample Customers and Partners

United States Space Force
United States Space Force
  • Space + ground operations
  • Identity-based access management for systems and data. Secure mixed payloads.
City of Murfreesboro
City of Murfreesboro
  • Water cleaning + recycling
  • Role-based access control for process-control devices; protect against outside attack
  • Materials handling + logistics
  • Identity & access control for warehouse automation, + business partner data sharing
  • Cloud + productivity
  • Azure-delivered Zero Trust Remote Access; integrated IAM for enterprise + OT
  • Schlumberger’s edge IoT for oilfield operators
  • IAM and data security via the Agora Gateway
Larsen & Toubro Infotech
  • IT/OT cybersecurity
  • Remote access and IAM for devices, users and data, to secure digital transformation
  • Global tech consulting
  • Access control in complex IT/OT cybersecurity solutions for multiple verticals
1898 & Co.
  • Engineering + construction
  • Remote access and data systems for distributed environments
  • Computers + technology
  • Access management & data integrity in IoT-connected distributed systems
General Electric Company
  • Leading wind energy operator
  • Remote access for devices, users and data; NERC-CIP, IEC 62443 compliance
Commonwealth Edison
  • Chicago + Illinois Utility
  • Distributed security for DER, protecting customers, asset owners, and operators
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco
  • Oil & Gas leader
  • IAM and data security covering upstream, midstream and downstream

Real-World Cybersecurity

Remote Access & Automation

Xage delivers operation-wide single sign-on and access that remains secure even in the event of network compromise, and which MFA-enables every operational system. Xage’s remote access allows work to be done away from hazardous environments, with operational privileges managed via a convenient web interface, so technicians and apps can be granted immediate, controlled access as needed.

Optimize Operations

Major industries are embracing remote access and highly automated data-driven operations. Legacy, intelligent and IoT systems must work together safely, in the field, in the center and in the cloud. A flexible security approach is required to extend the life of legacy assets, protect them from cyber-risk, and enable them to participate fully in integrated digital operations.

Accelerate Transformation

Xage provides the foundation for digital transformation, underpinning improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety by enabling advanced automation, OT-IT-cloud integration and dynamic data security. Xage’s Fabric controls contract workers’ access, and enables secure remote-first data-driven decision-making whether in-house or multi-party

Build Strength with Scale

Using identity fingerprints, distributed enforcement & tamperproofing with no single point to hack, enable continuous operational security that grows stronger with scale.

Protect Every Interaction

Move beyond inflexible, readily-bypassed network-only protection, firewalls & isolation. Zero-trust secures unmanaged identities, unprotected systems and access methods.

Create the Secure IIoT

Easily integrate new & legacy devices, apps and control systems into the industrial IoT. Move from closed architectures to flexible, easily managed OT-IT-cloud operations.

Real-World Solutions

  • Remote access + MFA: remote-first operation
  • IAM: Identity, Access Management & SSO
  • Legacy, ICS & IoT support, maximum uptime
  • Critical infrastructure: NERC-CIP, IEC62443…
  • Transactive energy + DER; new revenues
  • Dynamic data security: OT, IT and cloud
  • Multiparty: Supply chain, custody transfer
  • Energy, power and manufacturing support
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Xage Security Fabric

  • Zero-trust platform powering Xage solutions
  • Safe network-layer traversal for remote access
  • Easy to manage & access via cloud or prem
  • Zero trust identity & access control
  • Multi-party, multi-location secure data sharing
  • Continuous operation if center disconnected
  • Secure enforcement, no single point to hack
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"The ability to enforce tamperproof data security can unlock new opportunities for secure collaboration, operational efficiency, and innovation."

Amadou Diaw

Director of IoT, Dematic


Try Xage's Cloud-Delivered Zero Trust Remote Access Quickly and Easily

Give your users OT access from any device in any location. Block attacks against unterminated desktop and OT protocols, vulnerable jump boxes, VPN exploits, ill-managed workstation accounts, insecure passwords and open firewall ports.

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Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Xage Security Fabric is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online market for cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. Xage’s core Fabric and management components can be configured in Azure with just a couple of clicks.

Azure Marketplace

"Xage's security architecture aligns with Itron’s active grid and smart cities vision by creating trust and controlling access between data, applications, users, and devices."

Ty Roberts

VP Network Solutions at Itron, Inc

Key Capabilities

Zero Trust
Remote Access

& Authentication

IAM / Role
Based Access

Data Security




& Compliance



& Self-Healing

Real time,
& Peer-to-Peer



Xage secures and simplifies device management for industrial and commercial operations

"By tamperproofing industrial control systems, Xage creates the cybersecurity foundation for increased automation and more robust data."

Chuck Drobny

President and CEO, GlobaLogix

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A revolution known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 is underway. Industrial companies are deploying intelligent systems composed of devices and software applications that cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time. These systems can contain new devices with robust security controls as well as currently installed devices, e.g., PLCs, RTUs, HMIs, meters, and sensors, that provide limited and varied security capabilities. Furthermore, as operations and enterprises are embracing data-driven automation, data and interactions need to be protected edge-to-edge, to cloud, and across the ecosystem.

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