Zero Trust Access

Prevent cyberattacks and insider threats. Enable access without the risks of VPNs. Protect all data, devices, and applications.

The Challenge

Too often, access control in enterprises and critical systems is an all-or-nothing proposition. Once a user, or an attacker, is inside the network, they can access any device without further authentication. Furthermore, access from device to device is not controlled, making lateral movement easy for an attacker who compromises a single device.

A new approach to access control is required to minimize the attack surface and secure today’s interconnected OT, IT, and Cloud environments.

Zero Trust Access Protects Critical Assets

Zero trust access protects your assets against some of the most common and effective methods of attack, including stolen credentials and the use of exploits against vulnerable systems. Don’t just detect attacks in progress, stop them in their tracks.

Protect Data and Applications From Threats

Overprivileged accounts and permissive cyber architectures give cyberattackers access to your critical assets. Manage access to protect your environment.

Orchestrate Identity-based Access

Manage identities and privilege levels across multiple identity providers and across multiple zones to protect all your apps, data, and devices.

Simplify User Experience and Improve Effectiveness

Frustrating workflows cost time, or cause users to take insecure shortcuts. Simplify your user experience and secure your assets.

Unlike other access management solutions, Xage Zero Trust Access assures that you control every interaction between users, data, applications and devices across you entire environment. Xage combines Universal ZTNA with Privileged Access Management capabilities, so you can prevent cyberattacks and enable access without the risk of VPNs, from a single browser based console.

Case Study | Learn Why Kinder Morgan Chose Xage to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Xage’s Zero Trust Access Solution

The Xage Fabric delivers complete control over who has access to your most critical assets, what they can do, when, and for how long. The Fabric is highly available and resilient, so policy enforcement continues locally even if one site loses network connectivity to the others. Xage offers greater capabilities than traditional IAM/ICAM and PAM solutions, while remaining simpler to deploy, manage, and use.

Resilient Identity-based Access and Privilege Enforcement

Xage Fabric makes it easy to create and enforce granular, identity-driven access policies and manage access privileges to operational assets for local or remote users and applications.

Orchestrate Across Multiple Identity Providers

Xage Fabric orchestrates access control across multiple zones and layers. This simplifies user access flows, increases operational efficiency, and eliminates the risks from stolen credentials and insecure devices.

Simplified Secure Access Experience for All Personnel

Deliver friction-free access for all your users, in seconds instead of days or weeks, without endpoint agents or additional software, and without poking holes in security or sharing privileged credentials.

Download the Xage Zero Trust Access Management White Paper

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Key Capabilities of Xage Zero Trust Access

Multifactor Authentication at Every Layer and Device

Strengthen your cybersecurity with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO). Optionally, deliver multi-layer MFA with independent MFA at every layer of your environment, whether for cloud, IT, DMZ, OT site, or individual asset.

Credential Management

Eliminate stale credentials by automatically rotating passwords for any asset, application, or device, including private applications, outdated workstations and OT assets like PLCs and RTUs.

Control User Access to Devices, Applications and Data

Avoid separate tools. Create and enforce unified access policies across all users, apps, data, and devices. Control which users can access which resources to protect against misuse of credentials, prevent insider threats, and stop attacker lateral movement.

Machine-to-Machine Access Control

Prevent attacker lateral movement by controlling when and how machines can talk to each other, and blocking transmission of unauthorized files and data.

Log Every Action. Record Every Session.

Track every action per user and device to assure complete auditability and power security analytics and insights via SIEM solutions and anomaly detection platforms.

Overlay Malware Scanning Blocks Ransomware and Other Viruses

Enforce malware scanning of every file transfer via integrations with 3rd party antivirus engines. Control file transfer between users, workstations, and operational assets to stop ransomware before it gets started.

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